Educational Blind Spots- Homeschooling Teens

Homeschooling a teen is a journey that shapes both the parent and the young learner alike. Just as your teen is growing and learning, so are you.

It's crucial to equip yourself with the right tools, resources, and guidance from experienced homeschoolers to boost your confidence. Your confidence becomes a source of assurance for your teen, letting them know that as they navigate high school, you're there to help them choose the right courses and experiences, guiding them toward a life filled with confidence.

As I often told my teens, ...

"You don't know what you don't know," .....and I'd like to gently extend the same reminder to you.

Allow me to share a personal perspective.

Saving money has always been a priority for me, from my early years to my role as a wife and mom. To cut costs, I personally taught all my children and teen's classes, only outsourcing algebra II for our first child, algebra II and chemistry for our third, and writing for our fourth for her junior year. Apart from curriculum expenses, this approach allowed me to save significantly. All my children participated in concurrent enrollment during their senior years, a cost-free opportunity through the local high school.

Teaching my children and teenagers on my own was a challenge I embraced. I'm not afraid to explore new methods, adjusting as needed.

Looking back, if someone had presented me with a course and coaching option made specifically for moms that are homeschooling their teens, I most likely would have declined the offer. I would have convinced myself, "You can handle it alone. You're smart. Save money for their college fund."

Let me shed light on the flaws in this thinking—my educational blind spots.

Firstly, while I saved a few hundred dollars by not taking a course to help mom navigate the homeschooling teens years, I now realize that my "penny pinching" thoughts, actually cost me and my children. I was not aware of the best way to prepare your child for college entrance exams and the tools available to teach them. My teens could have received a $1.000 more per college year had they used College Prep Genius resources, But my educational blind spots cost me more money on college tuition!

Secondly, not being aware of the variety of options to fulfill course requirements meant my first two children invested time in classes they didn't enjoy. Knowing better could have directed them towards courses that aligned with their interests and future goals.

My initial perspective focused on saving money for myself, not realizing that the course and coaching would not only guide and equip me but also benefit my teen's future success. It's not an expense but an investment—a blind spot I failed to recognize back then.

High school spans just four short years. Don't waste time figuring out the best path for your teen alone. You may be an exceptional teacher, and your teen may go on to excel in their chosen field. However, like me, everyone has educational blind spots. Seek guidance from someone who has walked this path before, someone who can share insights gained from both triumphs and mistakes.

Teens learn, mature and discover much about themselves s during high school. The knowledge and skills acquired during this time propel them towards graduation and, more importantly, life with confidence as they move on to pursue their goals and dreams after graduation.

Getting a grip on the resources that can give your homeschooled teen a clear edge as they step into life after high school is key. It's not just about enhancing their educational journey; it's about building a strong groundwork for their future endeavors. You are the one that is guiding them through this journey,

Reflecting on my homeschooling journey, I now realize how many educational blind spots I had. While I felt assured in my ability to guide my teens through high school and prepare them for college or other post-graduation goals, looking back, I would have eagerly seized the opportunity to invest in my child by learning how to be the best possible guide.

If you are interested in learning more about the Homeschooling Teens Successfully course and coaching, feel free to reach out and let me know. I'm here to help you navigate this journey with confidence and success. The next course begins late January/Early February 2024.

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Enjoying the journey.


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