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For more FREE resources for ALL ages check out the Freebie page at Yellow House Book Rental our parent company

30 Day of Gratitude Challenge! Free printable!
Show your teens that focusing on giving thanks, moves their “entitled-me” attitude from themselves to God. Taking our 30 Days of Gratitude Challenge is a daily reminder to give God thanks and focus on Jesus.

Whether you need eCourses, printable workbooks, elective classes, and the like - you’ll find that (and more) at the virtual Homeschooling Teens Curriculum Fair! Join me and over 20 other vendors for one month of curriculum sales, discounts, giveaways, and more Join the HTCF Facebook Group today!

Join Homeschooling Teens Successfully Facebook Group- Connect with other parents that are homeschooling Teens, get tips, encouragement and information about to help you homeschooling the teen years!

Free Homeschool Planner- All the planner options available on the market today can lead to bewilderment. Don’t worry – Journey Homeschool Academy has your back!
PLUS you can download our free homeschool planner to make planning out your days, weeks, and years easy peasy! Find it HERE
Find history-related videos, websites, games, and more! Start your 14-day trial here History, Government, Geography, and Economics!

Free Homeschool Diploma Templates

Fast Transcripts created a FREE GPA Calculator designed specifically for do-it-yourself homeschoolers. Fast Transcripts enables you to track your high schooler’s courses via online record keeping, and then helps you produce an official transcript with an auto-calculation feature for determining yearly and cumulative GPAs.