Now is the time to homeschool high school successfully. Be confident!

Have you ever asked yourself these questions?

Where do I begin?

Am I doing enough?

Am I doing what he needs to help prepare him for his future?

Am I offering the right classes?

Am I challenging her enough?

Will I mess up my kid by homeschooling!

I don’t have all the answers. But I have homeschooled four teenagers through high school, all of whom have successfully completed further education. Three went on to college, two graduated in three years, and one went on to trade school.

I began this journey not knowing what in the world I was doing. I learned so much, both in my own home and coaching and helping other families in a variety of situations. Now I want to pass that knowledge onto you.

I am here to help you! YOU can do it. YOU are amazing and because you love your children you can help them succeed.

Here are a few of my secrets that I will be revealing...

  • Make a plan (it seems so obvious but many don't do it)
  • Get to know your teen
  • Give them the tools they need to succeed in high school

So many parents get overwhelmed with the details. I'd love to help relieve  some of that stress.

Homeschooling Teen Successfully offers these courses:

-Confidently Homeschooling Teen: Workshops and Coaching

-Empowering Moms: Tools for Homeschooling Your Teen (DIY course)

Mini courses now available! Check them out right here!

Your best course option. Get all that is in every mini course and MORE!

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Confidently Homeschooling Teens: Workshops and Coaching for Success

Let's connect! You may schedule a call (free of course) and let's talk about your #1 question. That's the reason I am here. To provide you with the tools and resources so you don't have to search for them!

Why? Because I hear so many moms tell me they don't think that they have the ability to homeschool their teens! That is so untrue! I want you to know that..

Raising teenagers is hard work and homeschooling on top of it is even harder. But it can also be the most rewarding time for you and your teen. Let's walk this journey together.

It will be packed with information that will help give you confidence in homeschooling your teen. We will cover all of the fears and questions mentioned above and so much more!

Topics covered in the course include: Finding your teens passion, transcripts, diploma, Choosing the right courses, Test prep, Grading to help them learn, 4 year college prep guide and more.

My goal, always is to make the course a blessing, encouragement, and learning experience for you!

This is what a few course participants and private one on one coaching moms have had to say.

I would highly recommend it because it gives you the right scaffolding on which to start your own journey through the process with familiarity and more confidence.
~ Maria
If you are near the teen years this class will be very beneficial to you.
You gave such real answers and increased my excitement of this journey for my family!
I feel a lot more confident and hopeful about the direction he is going. ~Dana
.....I was so delighted and grateful for all her experience and knowledge. She truly has a lot to offer, experienced or new to homeschool, young kids or older or even both. Even though I only met her a couple of months ago, talking with her felt like we were old friends!
Thank you so much for all your help and knowledge Michelle, I have a completely new outlook for my kids and our bright future in homeschool together!

(Natalie was a student in the course and did a private coaching session with me as well.)

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Enjoying the journey,