Grades, Credits, Transcripts and the High School Student

Thinking about all the responsibilities of not only teaching your teen but also making sure that they are thoroughly equipped for their next steps after high school can be quite daunting. So much more to do, keep track of, and do right so you don't "mess them up".

Transcripts are one of those topics that can cause panic.

Transcripts are so important! Most parents know this, thus the importance creates fear. You want your teen to have a transcript that will help them get into college! How do you create a transcript that colleges will not only accept but will make your teen stand out?

What goes into creating a fantastic transcript?

Isn't it just a list of classes, grades, and credits?

At a glance, it may look that way, but there are years of work that goes into it. WHAT? You might say, "I thought you told me it is easy with the right tools" So let's work backward.

The end result is a paper with a list of classes, grades, and credits, but how did they get there? You, the parent had to find and or create the right classes for your teen... for each and every year.

Hopefully, you found their passion(s) and dreams for after graduation and created or found classes around those passions

You knew how to grade in a way that not only encouraged your child to learn but also helped them earn the grades that you both were proud of.

You made a four year course plan with the graduation requirements in mind so that the final transcript has all the course credits and hopefully the grades that will catch the attention of the higher education schools.

You helped prepare them for the ACT or SAT test so they could score well excellent addition to your teen transcript. And preparing for the ACT SAT or CLT tests begins as early as middle school (Are you hoping for college scholarships? Good scores on these tests are a great road to scholarships).

The decision on which concurrent (dual) enrolment classes to take were made and your teen was able to add those to the transcript giving it a HUGE boost.

Now, you see the end result and the work that goes into creating a transcript but let's talk about some of this I just mentioned in detail.

Grading your students work

Before you can create a high school transcript, you will need to have your students’ grades for each class. So, let’s start with grades.

According to an article in Camp Champion

Grades are often touted as the single most important factor when determining college admissions, job applications, and future success.

Because there are many grading options, I will not cover all of them here, but I do go into great detail about many different ways to grade in my  Confidently Homeschool Teens Course. One workshop is completely dedicated to helping you discover how you can Grade for Success!

Here is one example when grading a textbook math course.

Tests- 50%, Quizzes-25%, Homework-25%

This grading method is the simplest of all and straight forward.

But how you grade each test, quiz and homework assignment to come up with the final grade makes all the difference in the world in helping your teen succeed.

In places where they struggle, when they get an answer or section wrong, take the time to go back and show them again how to find the right answer, maybe teach it in a different way. Have them do it again, then grade the assignment.

The goal of correcting and grading is to find out where they struggle and HELP THEM LEARN how to do it properly. Grades are so much more than a letter on a page. Use the grading process as an opportunity for you to see where your teen struggles and help them grow. Use it as a tool to encourage them to improve, excel, and achieve great things!

Once you have calculated the final grade for each course you will want to add that grade and credit to your teen's transcript.

There are countless ways for you to calculate your child's final grade for each course. The type of course and how your teen completes the course will help you know how to grade that course.

What was involved in taking the course: a textbook, tests, homework, written papers, discussion, active learning such as dance, learning how to play an instrument, sports, travel etc.?

At the beginning of this article, I quoted Camp Champion. They stated that grades are the most important for college admissions. This is true, but this is done through the student's high school transcript. Thus making the high school transcript the most important part of a college application.

Each state will require the public schooled students to complete a specific number of credits to receive a diploma. You may find your state requirements here. Remember though, if you are in a state that allows you to make your own homeschooling decisions, it is up to you to decide graduation requirements and credits needed to graduate.

Creating the Transcript

A high school transcript is a record of a student’s academic accomplishments in high school.

It lists all the class taken, when they were taken, the grades and credits received in each class. Transcripts can also include additional information such as standardized test scores and any honors received.

All students enrolled in high school should have a high school transcript and it should be regularly updated as courses are completed.

The best time to start creating a transcript is when your student starts their 9th grade year of high school. As you create the transcript, year by year, you will add your student's final grade and proper amount of credit for each course as it is completed.

I used Fast Transcripts to create my children's transcripts. It is simple to use, professional looking, and accepted by both private and public universities.

Momma, by the end of their high school years, you will helped put four years of your life into that transcript! But the work is not your goal, right?

Everything you have done is for your child.

Would you like to know that your teen made it to gradation ready for college or their goals after graduation? Do you want them to look back on their high school year and know that it was homeschooling that prepared them and made them the confident high school graduate?

I'd love to give you the tools and resources you need to make that happen. Give your teen the confidence they need in knowing that homeschool was the very best college preparation for them. Maybe they aren't planning on college after high school. They still will want the confidence of knowing that homeschooling gave them the tools they needed for their next chapter of their lives.

Everything that goes into creating an awesome transcript is exactly what is included in and talked about in detail in Confidently Homeschooling Teens: Coaching and Workshops for Success. Together we go through each of these topics, step by step to make sure that your teen has the tool and resources they need for graduation success.

I learn best when I am shown, when someone takes the time to talk me through a process and encourage me along the way. If that is how you enjoy learning, I'd be happy to be that person for you.

Find out more about Confidently Homeschooling Teens Coaching and Workshops for Success! I invite you to join me. Grading for Success and Transcripts Made Easy are just two of the workshops included.

Maybe you are new to homeschooling your teen and your goal right now is just to make sure you are giving them all that they need to start their high school journey right. Let's talk! Schedule a "Getting Started with Homeschooling Your Teen" now.

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